Do you dislike the “Mac” guy in Apple’s ads?

Mac vs Windows guyRadar is reporting that Apple is ditching Justin Long, the actor who humanizes the Mac in the commercial series. Sad. Personally, I like them. While I’m not fully convinced that the ads connect better for the Windows computer (John Hodgman) than the Mac (Long), calling the Mac a “smug little twit” certainly feels a little over the top.

Does being productive from the first use experience make him smug? Maybe. As for me, I was certainly sold that Apple knew how to connect with me as a user (even a somewhat technical user). Does catering to core messages that differentiate the Mac make him smug? Does catering to user needs with a start-to-finish software and hardware solution make him smug? Does offering consumer friendly, not techie messages make him smug?

Geek is in? Well ya. But I don’t see that these commercials truly cater to the “geek” on either the Windows or the Apple front. I like the ads. I like the non-suited, hands-in-pockets casual in the Mac personality. But then again, I guess I’ve moved into the “Apple Fanboy Camp.”


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