PodCamp West 2006 Wrap-Up

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It was cool to hang with the early west-coast podcasting experts at Podcamp West in San Francisco. There was a lot of media and entertainment representation at the event (music, movies, reviews, etc.). Interesting for me was the age of the audience. It was filled with more 30-40 somethings than the younger hipset. I got the impression that the people with content ideas and artists were the driving the west coast podcasting movement.Victor Podcast, the lead organizer and podcaster behind Hot from Silicon Valley, and his recruits did a lot of work to pull off this UnConference. Thanks for all your work.

It was fun to connect with Doug Kaye, the original IT Conversations podcaster, one of the first podcast subscriptions. It was even more cool to hear that he had listened to my Podango podcast that was syndicated on PodTech. Doug and I spoke with Michael Geoghegan, CEO or GigaVox and co-author of “Podcast Solutions,” about working with Phil Windley, the current Executive Producer of IT Conversations, to pull off a Podcast Academy event at BYU.

I hooked up with a few of the PodTech team that attended. Robert Scoble arrived with video camera in tow.

Also connected with Steve Sloan from San Jose State University who teaches a course on new media. Steve was an early podcaster (circ 2004). We discussed educational use of podcasts and course management systems like Blackboard and WebCT.

I would have like to spend time on Sunday listening to more of the experiences of others. It’s still a new frontier. Tech challenges like RSS feed management are common concerns. Pretty much everyone uses a different production model (some record directly in GarageBand–others use Audacity–still others use some “other” recording equipment). However, I made some good contacts with whom I can share best practices.

Until next time.

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