Rate your geekness by counting cords

So tonight I’m working on the road. Just finished a focus group here in St. George, Utah. I need to get a video captured and onto a DVD for a 7:30AM meeting with a client tomorrow. So I decided to power up. The result was too funny. I plugged in all my gear — or […]

PodCamp West 2006 Wrap-Up

It was cool to hang with the early west-coast podcasting experts at Podcamp West in San Francisco. It was fun to connect with Doug Kaye, the original IT Conversations podcaster, one of the first podcast subscriptions. I made some good contacts with whom I can share best practices.

Blackboard Backpack 2.5 ships today!

It’s finished. Blackboard Backpack 2.5 has been completed. Another project wrapped up. If you’re a student using Blackboard, you got to try out Backpack. It’s cool. Let’s you take your Blackboard courses and put them on your laptop so you can use them without a web connection.

Another Parallels moment

Been pounding on the upcoming Blackboard Backpack 2.5 release, but I’m doing it on my Mac. I love Parallels. Pop open that VM and I’ve got a fresh clean environment for testing my Windows XP software client! I’ve really got the best of all worlds.

Back to Backpack…

I’m back at work. Working on releasing the update to Blackboard Backpack. The new product is Backpack 2.5. This version is so much better that the previous version. We’ve simplified the UI, enhanced peformance as much as 100x, added Blackboard course download wizards, included a Flash overview, enhanced with attractive HTML pages, improved searching, and […]

Dan Cane picks up SIIA CODiE Award

Dan Cane has always said that he’s “the biggest fan of Backpack.” It only seemed fitting that Dan would be the one that attended and picked up the 2006 Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) CODiE Award. Blackboard Backpack won the category for Best Education Technology Solution for Productivity/Creativity. As I’ve written before, Agilix has […]

Quoted in Blackboard’s Blog

Melissa Chotiner, Public Relations Manager, at Blackboard has posted an article on Tablet PCs to the Blackboard Educate Innovate Blog (www.educateinnovate.com). I offered a few comments on Tablets. Tracy Hooten, one of three students who created the site StudentTabletPC (www.studenttabletpc.com), was also quoted.

Running Windows on my Mac — Thanks Parallels!

Is work “work” when it’s fun? Three words: Parallels is amazing. Tonight I configured Parallels so I can launch and run Windows on my Mac. Have I said “amazing” yet? It was super cool to watch the install process in a “window” on my Mac. And then when I heard the famous Windows first-launch start […]

Sahar talking about Blackboard Backpack

Photo_030206_001Originally uploaded by bdb2005. Last week at BbWorld, Sahar Javadi and I spent time talking about and demonstrating a new product called Blackboard Backpack. Agilix, my employer, has worked closely with Blackboard to develop the Backpack application. Backpack works on a student’s laptop computer and helps them download and manage all the information professors add […]

Off to BbWorld’06 — Blackboard user conference in San Diego

I will be traveling this week at the Blackboard annual user conference. I’m sure there will be lots to learn. WebCT and Blackboard merger received approval from the SEC, so I’m sure that there will be lots of discussion around that. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to hear a few more news bites that […]