Running Windows on my Mac — Thanks Parallels!

Is work “work” when it’s fun? Three words: Parallels is amazing.

Tonight I configured Parallels so I can launch and run Windows on my Mac. Have I said “amazing” yet?

It was super cool to watch the install process in a “window” on my Mac. And then when I heard the famous Windows first-launch start up sound on my MacBook speakers, I was grins from ear to shining ear.

Amazing…it’s all I can say. Who would want to “boot” into Windows when you can run it side-by-side with Mac OS X?

I’m sharing screenshots like crazy tonight. Sorry for the space, but please do enjoy!

DOS looking images
Funny to see “DOS-like” stuff on OS X.

Windows XP install promoting “Hardware” support 😉
Click to see larger image

Start Me Up -- Windows running on my Mac
To steal the words from Mick Jagger and the theme song
for the Windows XP launch: “Start Me Up”
Click to see larger image

VPNing into the office to download files off the network file server
VPNed into network at work, downloading files off the
network, all from my MacBook running OS X,
Parallels, and Windows XP

Installing Blackboard Backpack on a Mac...well almost.
Installing Blackboard Backpack on my Mac…
a Window XP-only application.

Running Blackboard Backpack on a Mac using Parallels
Taking Notes with Blackboard Backpack — on a
document created with the special Pickler printer
that converts PDF, Office, web pages, and
more to what looks like “digital paper.”


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