Death in the family–MacBook Pro Gen1

I’ll keep this short to remove the emotion and simply state the facts. I have a cough.Went to bed with a glass of water by my bedside.Struggled to find alarm the next morning, knocking my water glass over.Had my MacBook Pro Gen1 Core Duo machine with the back / rear on edge.Water spilled straight into the industrial design for the cooling.DEAD…… Trying to decide how to sell the parts to maximize the value of the old machine.

Listening to the game on a $2,750 radio

I’m frustrated that I couldn’t find the BYU vs. Wyoming basketball game on cable…. Listened to the only radio I have in the house: MacBook Pro, 802.11g, iTunes, KSL streaming from Las Vegas.Silly. I haven’t come very far from the old days when I just listened on a cheap AM radio tuned to 1160.

Rate your geekness by counting cords

So tonight I’m working on the road. Just finished a focus group here in St. George, Utah. I need to get a video captured and onto a DVD for a 7:30AM meeting with a client tomorrow. So I decided to power up. The result was too funny. I plugged in all my gear — or […]

My 8 Mth Old MacBook is now 39% Slower than New Machines

My “old” MacBook Pro is now up to 39 percent SLOWER than the new machines. It’s so hard to have a dinosaur that’s only 8 months old.

MacBook is back…already!

Wow. The repair is done and my MacBook Pro is back! New fan parts, new battery. Hopefully with less heat this time! Amazing service! Dropped off for service to DHL:  8/22 5:45PM Returned from servicy by DHL: 8/24 10:08 AM

Great communication on my MacBook Pro repair

From: Apple To: brad Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 8:22:41 AM Subject: Apple Mail-In Service Request ########## Dear Brad, Your MACBOOK PRO has reached our repair center. We will notify you by email when the repair is complete. Date received: 2006-08-23 Repair ID: ##########

Separation anxiety

My space heater MacBook is in a box and on its way to Houston for a much needed cooling system. Guess it’s back to this Windows machine for a while. It will be days before I can get my mind to CTRL+C/X/V/etc. instead of Command+C. Hurry home old friend!

MacBook Pro going in for work

I thought my co-worker was joking when she said that my battery my burst into flames like one of those Dells…. I called AppleCare, and they are sending a service package to send in my machine.

My MacBook Pro “portable computer” cooling system

My hands were sweating from all the heat coming of my non-laptop, portable computer — as the MacBook Pro user manual clearly points out ;-). As the guy from the genius bar recommended, I really need to send it in since it’s one of the very first serial numbers.

Another Parallels moment

Been pounding on the upcoming Blackboard Backpack 2.5 release, but I’m doing it on my Mac. I love Parallels. Pop open that VM and I’ve got a fresh clean environment for testing my Windows XP software client! I’ve really got the best of all worlds.

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