Walt Mossberg covers Nokia E62…missing WiFi?

I see that Walt Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal just covered the Nokia E62. It looks exactly like the E61. I’m not sure if the 62 is just the US version? Or is it missing what Walt DIDN’T write about: support for WiFi (802.11g), SIP client, miniSD memory card.

“Nokia is being coy about the timing, pricing and wireless carrier for the E62. But I expect it to be available late next month from Cingular Wireless. And I expect it to cost even less than the Q, which at $199 is the least expensive product in this group. The latest Treo models, the 700p and 700w, are being sold by Verizon Wireless for $299 right now, after rebates.”colhed_personal_tech

See the full article at:

Post Publish NOTE: it appears that the E62 is the US model of the E61 and probably includes lots of Cingular-specific applications and restrictions. MiniSD yes. But, it doesn’t look like WiFi is part of the package — and why would it since Cingular would hate see customers routing calls over a WiFi connected SIP client at Starbucks.


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