World Trade Center movie

Amy and I went to the movie “World Trade Center” last night. It’s been nearly five years since that dreadful day in September 2001. I questioned if I really was ready to see it.

The movie brought a quiet hush over the theater. We all left sober and reflective.

I thought of C. Chandler, a firefighter that lives in our neighborhood. The service the fire and police render is something I admire. Could I ever provide the same service that they provide? What causes these men and women to have the bravery and willingness to sacrifice so much for other people?

In the end, the movie shows the power of the human spirit. The strength of John McLoughlin to lead his team. The willingness of a Will Jimeno to support his supervisor. And finally, the hundreds and later thousands of volunteers who put their skills and training to use find survivors.


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