Palm going to the dark side…

Like many others, I saw the transition to Microsoft OS on the Palm “device” coming. Too bad that such a great smartphone has to end up driving the monopoly of Microsoft. Verizon is slow as cold tar to bring any device into the market (how long did it take for the Q?). Now it’s Sprint that will get the device on the CDMA network. And as for the Palm OS….well it looks like it’s on hold and maybe even completely off.

“Separately, another rumour is now that Palm has no plans at present to release ‘Unlocked’ GSM versions of either its Treo 700p or Treo 750p…”

Makes me even more happy that I bit the bullet and got the Nokia E61 — although I’m seriously questioning if the E70 would be better for me because I don’t think I can live without a camera in my phone.

It’s a shame that the consumer has to wait for these big companies to roll something out. I read that Steve Jobs hates the fact that he’ll have to cater to the carriers before a product could have the Apple brand. Steve, don’t give in! Please focus on a device that works independent of the carrier–better yet, make the carriers “beg” to sell your product. The right device can make it through your own channels (just pick GSM please :-))!


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