Grandpa’s been gone for four years

My brother Scott Baldwin captured this video on a trip to my Grandfather Baldwin’s home a couple of years before his death. While I love to hear these stories and view my Grandpa and Grandma, I still remember a much more vibrant, young, and energetic version of the same man and woman. My grandma gave me a pair of red socks for a birthday present when I was around 8 or 9. I still remember that day and the many others where I was able to spend time with her and my grandpa. I remember going fishing once with my day and Grandpa at a lake somewhere in the desert of central Idaho where my Grandpa’s brother had a big ranch. It was a great time.

Grandpa, I miss you. Look forward to a heavenly reunion.


One Response to “Grandpa’s been gone for four years”

  1. Patricia Baldwin on July 2nd, 2008 10:33 pm

    Brad, I’m glad you got to know your Grandpa Baldwin for the long time that you did. You’re lucky to be one of the older grandsons. You had lots of good opportunities to be around him. Beginning at the young age of three, I would take you and Michelle to Grandpa and Grandma’s home in Moreland with me when I went there to sew draperies with grandma. he would tease you then and play with you. Also, do you remember when Grandpa would come to our home in Rexburg and visit us when he was out on his job as salesman for Western Wholesale? He was good at stopping in and seeing us and giving me good advice on things such as “Make sure your kids get a nap each day. They need it and so do you”. It was great advice then and I truly believe it still is even to this day. He was a wise person. He was a super grandfather. He loved you and all the rest of his grandchildren. He’s a great example to follow.