World-wide Productivity Slips but Gains Things on iPhone

I remember last year, June 29th. Productivity came to a standstill. People were in lines to get iPhones. I figured we’d have a repeat tomorrow on July 11th.


But I was off by a day. This morning, on my drive into Salt Lake City, I heard from @windley on Twitter that the iPhone 2.0 firmware was available. I also received note from @culturedcode, the makers of Things, that their iPhone version of Things was on the iPhone App Store. Bummed that I was driving, I rushed to a network connection, and got after the update.

On the first try, my phone didn’t like the update. It choked and I had to restore. I thought I’d follow the link from the Things page to the App Store. I was notified that I had to have iTunes 7.7. I downloaded and applied the new iTunes. Then Option + Check for Updates. This time it worked. The update and verify took a long time, but my phone is now running the iPhone 2.0 firmware!

I went back to the site and linked over to the iPhone App Store, bought Things, installed, and now–after a full year of waiting–have a fully featured task management application on my iPhone.




Things_on_iPhone.jpg Thing_working_on_iPhone.jpg


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