Car dealers…oh boy

I had to take the family rig in to find out why the engine started screaming when turning on the AC — didn’t want the wife and kids stranded without AC. While I was working away at a table in the lounge area, I couldn’t help but hear the conversation to my back. It was a family working on a deal to get a Toyota Sequoia.

This was both a comical and insulting event. The family spoke english as a second language. The culture of both the sales manager and the oldest son / lead negotiator in the family (looked like late high school) were at complete ends of the spectrum.

I was a reminder of why I have yet to establish a long-lasting friendship with a car sales person. It’s one of those things where to survive, you’ve got to be a total jerk to protect yourself.

I was happy when I saw the father standup and take his family and business elsewhere.


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