Tim O’Reilly’s Four Big Ideas about Open Source

Tim O’Reilly’s post today highlights some of the challenges Mr. O’Reilly is seeing with Open Source. It was good to see his perspective. As a user, I love the idea of free software that includes all the best ideas and quality through a large collective effort. But as an employee in a software company where VC funding and time to market are almost always required, it’s been hard to see how to truly participate in the new open-source business model. It was refreshing to see that Mr. O’Reilly recognizes this challenge. His blog post is also a great example of how Mr. O’Reilly is engaging his readership to gather the best ideas, objections, and insights so his pubilc presentation includes a wider view than his own. Great stuff.

Tim O’Reilly’s Four Big Ideas about Open Source, include:

1. The architecture of participation beyond software.
2. Asymmetric Competition.
3. How Software As a Service Changes The Points of Business Leverage.
4. Open Data.


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