Best Sales, Marketing, Business movies

The Blog at, a company focused on software for product and marketing management, offered a question: What are the best movies for sales, marketing, business, office culture, advertising, etc.

Here’s my list:

Favorite Hi-Tech Cubical Culture:
Office Space — why do we in hi-tech identify so well with this movie? Is it the crazy managers? Spend thrift parties. Or is it because anything with “Jennifer Aniston” is worth watching at least once, regardless of the plot or cinematic quality?

Favorite Advertising:
Crazy People — absolutely hilarious “real” slogans targeted for the honest buyer.

Favorite Sales:
Tommy Boy — an adventure in face-to-face customer needs anlysis and overcoming sales objections.
Glengarry Glen Ross — multiple viewpoints of what a qualified vs. unqualified lead can produce, a BMW or a Hyundai.

Favorite Business:
Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires — for those of us who watched the entrance of software and personal computers, this is the way it “used” to be prior to the science of product marketing introduced by Craig Stull.


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