Greatest Hits of Beattie Construction

Davawn BeattieI was at our Beattie Family Reunion recently. I had a great time seeing my Uncles and Aunts. It was also fun to talk to the cousins that are my Mom’s age that I was able to meet and associate with.

After the reunion, I came home and dug up an audio track that I recorded while talking to my Uncle Morgan. It was a fun story about my early construction career. I discussed a scarey moment when I shot a 16 penny nail from a nailgun through a beam, off Neil Baird’s cheek (he’d just come out of a coma), and into the shoulder of my Uncle Davawn who happened to be visiting the job site. With the today’s knowledge that all turned out okay, it’s really a pretty funny story when you look at it from Morgan’s, Davawn’s, and my perspective.

Sure am sorry about that Uncle Davawn!


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