Lego-Playing, Free-Dry Cleaning, Spoiled Google Employees

200707201513Fake Steve Jobs takes a stand on Google employees today.
Funny thing is that there are many companies in the tech world with this same problem. Many provide all the perks and never make it to positive cash flow. It’s strange to me that VC-funding has replaced the “work by the sweat of your brow” reality of the “harvest of life.” At some point, all these people who live off someone else’s money will realize that wealth and security come with revenue generating businesses.

As for Google, wow do they generate revenue. And in this case, Wall Street is penalizing Google for missing a quarter. Sure they have their many experiments–as does Microsoft and others. But They also have a cash cow that is pumping out the milk!

From Fake Steve Jobs Post…
“They’re going to look like a bunch of spoiled coddled self-involved Lego-playing 20-somethings who have free massages and dry cleaning and groovy ethnic food and have been turned loose with no adult supervision to do whatever the [fbomb] they want, and who all are suffering from acute Attention Deficit Disorder so that they never finish anything because they get bored and move on to the next stupid idea that some bozo has dreamed up on a white board.”


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