iPhone comments

I left a comment for Robert Scoble on his post on the iPhone today. I lasted about 60 days with my Nokia — everything took too many clicks to do what you wanted and the OS was slow to respond to lookups. I agree with Dave Winer‘s comments about the iPhone vs. BlackBerry (except I think BlackBerry does a better job of punctuation through SureType over the iPhone’s multi-step process).

In the end, I think those people who have used smartphones will find the iPhone too limiting and with little vision for improvement without waiting for a a significant update from Apple. It’s a great first smartphone for those that have never used a smartphone. If you live on the road and love the freedom your BlackBerry provides, I think the iPhone may feel too restrictive. I’m sticking to the BlackBerry Pearl for now. Can’t wait for WiFi in a future device of similar size, but I’m waiting. And for the record, I think the BlackBerry has a lot of holes too (HTML email, “real” IMAP updating, bluetooth sync w/ Mac, etc.).


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