Wireless Evolving: New Spectrum and VoIP

Two cool stories of interest.

First, USA Today reported on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Kevin Martin’s interest in changes the control wireless carriers have over devices, bandwidth use, and wireless applications. This is a great thing for consumers. Those of us in the USA can finally catch up with the Europeans.

Second, Wall Street Journal (subscription required) reports that Nokia is bundling Skype on a device — in this case, the N800 Table. Instead of using a traditional “GSM” device to make calls over the GSM network, a device with built in WiFi offers alternative ways to connect. VoIP on mobile devices is going to make a big impact on the how telecoms generate revenue.

Quote in WSJ:
“Our users are no longer just using Skype on their computer desktops,” said Eric Lagier, Skype’s head of business development for mobile. “With the growth of mobile devices and Wi-Fi, consumers expect to be connected wherever they are, at the office, at home or on the move,” he said.


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