Treo 680 finally goes antenna-free

Treo 680Been waiting for an antenna-free forever. The new Treo 680 looks good. As for colors, I’m a target for anything black or silver.

It’s about time for an update to the sync with Exchange — why has it been so long for over-the-air sync of the core four (contacts, calendar, tasks, notes).

It has reasonable specs, but certainly not cutting edge.  No WiFi. Palm OS is dated (but very functional and NOT from Microsoft), and still a bit “fat” when compared to Blackberry Pearl. I like that the keyboard lives on — they nailed it a long time ago.
However, I must admit, I just took the SIM out of on my Nokia E61 and moved it back to my ancient Treo 650. Despite all the weaknesses of the Treo, I couldn’t deal with UNBELIEVABLY SLOW CONTACT LOOKUP.


2 Responses to “Treo 680 finally goes antenna-free”

  1. Jack Western on November 22nd, 2006 7:39 am

    Why don’t you just wait for the iPhone??

  2. Brad on November 22nd, 2006 10:12 am

    Agree. waiting for the iPhone or something fast, with smartphone functionality, ideally to include wifi, have a good form factor–small, killer bright screen, Bluetooth, and sync with Entourage. Simple to satisfy me. 🙂