Facebook takes $25MM … not up for sale

According to Silcon Beat, Facebook isn’t looking for suitors, but instead took $25MM in cash from Greylock Partners, Meritech, Accel Partners, and Peter Thiel, a former chief exec from PayPal. The article reports that David Sze from Greylock said, “is a ‘winner-circle’ company.” Ya…like you wouldn’t say that after dumping cash into Facebook.

I’d agree with Sze. I still like Facebook’s odds for big financial win in the future while continuing to collect new site visitors and users.

Did BusinessWeek and Wall Street Journal fail me? Looks like I took another ride through the Blogosphere with lots of others. Hard to imagine the big guys getting their facts wrong. But if it can happen to Dan Rather, it can happen to the best of us. Aside: I hate that Dan was sent to 60 Minutes as part of CBS’s out-to-pasture strategy for Dan. I love 60 Minutes but can’t watch stories were Dan is reporting. He really should take his drama tactics to Broadway — it’s not all that far from his NYC CBS office.


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