$70+ for a barrel of dinosaur bones

I love the line in Soundgarden’s song Rusty Cage: I’m burning diesel, I burning dinosaur bones. I think about it more each time I fill my gas tank.

With crude moving past $70 a barrel, will the likes of ExxonMobile and BP ever let the price go lower? I shouldn’t finger (in more way than one) them as big oil companies claim they have nothing to do with the price of crude. It’s also unfortunate that we spite the corner gas station attendant and take our frustrations out on them. But just like a pit bull that has tasted blood, I can’t imagine ever getting out of the clutches of high gas prices because there are too many dollars in it. I’m sure big oil is doing all they can to make sure the world “thinks” there is a shortage of oil — because it benefits them.

I can’t complain too much though. I learned last week that Utah has the lowest price of gas in the nation (WSJ, April 11, see article). And it’s a whole lot lower than my friends in Europe are paying!

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USA Map showing price of oil by state


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