Corresponding for Reuters, this is Brad Baldwin

It only seemed like a natural extension. This is what Robert Scoble and I spoke about a couple of weeks ago. Yahoo and Reuters have publicly reached out to the world and invited everyone to be a correspondent.

As reported today in the New York Times:

Starting tomorrow, users will be able to upload photos and videos to a section of Yahoo called You Witness News ( All of the submissions will appear on Flickr or a similar site for video. Editors at both Reuters and Yahoo will review the submissions and select some to place on pages with relevant news articles, just as professional photographs and video clips are woven into their news sites today.
CNN, which is owned by Time Warner and introduced its I-Reports section for user-submitted material on its site in August (, accepts text, images and video. Some submissions are included in its news broadcasts.

Guess it was invite or face the reality that the news would be reported underneath them. Cool. Can’t wait to submit a story and get published!


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