Two out of 20 for 2006 / Ajax offline in 2007

PC World magazine has published it’s top 20 most innovative products for 2006. I bought 2 of them:

1) Parallels — number three on the top 20
2) RIM BlackBerry Pearl — number 17

The prediction for 2007 looks cool. Offline Ajax applications. These only make sense. Even when we work offline, we don’t want to wait around for things to load. I believe that cross platform will continue to be key as Apple adds more marketshare. Ajax will help make the transition from web to desktop seamless.

It’s one of the “well dah” products that we all expect — same user experience if you’re online or offline. Functionality just replicates data automagically when you get a network connection. And if you’re not at “your” computer, you can still access and use the application and data.


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