Zimbra Goes to Yahoo

I will be interested to see the integration and evolution of Zimbra once inside Yahoo…. As a BlackBerry user, I’ve been a bit disappointed by the solution through a third party outside Zimbra — also learned that the Pearl isn’t supported. We BlackBerry users need a good alternative to the BB Enterprise / Exchange Server strongholdhttp://www.zimbra.com/.

Two out of 20 for 2006 / Ajax offline in 2007

I bought 2 of them: 1) Parallels — number three on the top 20, 2) RIM BlackBerry Pearl — number 17. The prediction for 2007 looks cool…. And if you’re not at “your” computer, you can still access and use the application and data.

Reading into the future of Tech

For the economist, futurist, visionaries out there seeking all truth and knowledge in where technology is heading, I think Tim O’Reilly is on to something big. O’Reilly is tracking book sales on tech topics and leveraging this data to see the shifts in market interest. Brilliant. Kinda like dah. The coolest part is that this […]

My Google Calendar is up and running

I was fortunate to be online late last night catching up on my Web 2.0 reading. I saw the report posted at 9:00 PM PST from Elinor Mills at CNET and similar announcement by Michael Arrington at TechCrunch that the Google Calendar was live. I quickly jumped in and created my account. As reported by […]

Another Ajax replacement for an existing application

I’ve watched Michael Robertson since he started the Lindows business. Now it appears that in addition to his SIP / VoIP stuff, he’s launching a series of Ajax-based applications to replace desktop applications. The first is ajaxWrite. I was working for an innovative blade server company (Xyterra) in Scottsdale Arizona when I first ran across […]