My Google Calendar is up and running

I was fortunate to be online late last night catching up on my Web 2.0 reading. I saw the report posted at 9:00 PM PST from Elinor Mills at CNET and similar announcement by Michael Arrington at TechCrunch that the Google Calendar was live.

I quickly jumped in and created my account. As reported by others, the calendar is fast and full featured. I added three calendars, each with its own visual “color” identity. Invited different friends to see and jointly manage different calendars. Set up SMS alerts. Subscribed to the US Holidays calendar. Added appointments using the quick add.

In fact, sharing, one of the buzz marketing requirements, is core to the calendar. I believe Google will quickly establish marketshare of millions of individuals and home business owners.

Next up for me today, importing my iCal and various Exchange/Outlook data.


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