Seth Godin Says Blendtec Does it Right

€œ”There’s something really, really big happening, and it’€™s going to be messy,” Godin said.

When it comes Marketing, Seth Godin is today’s Guru. So when Godin tells marketing execs at the 2007 Search Engine Strategies conference in Chicago that they are wasting money on search marketing, people take notice. The amount of money flowing into internet advertising grew 36 percent in 2006. However, Godin thinks that the money isn’t being properly utilized on new media tools like blogging or social networking.

He did recognize George Wright’s efforts at Blendtec, who I interviewed in a podcast at the beginning of their campaign. Blendtec has been wise stewards of a small marketing budget that has turned their little know brand into one of the top 10 video series on YouTube.

“One company doing it the right way, according to multiple speakers and attendees on Monday and Tuesday, is Blendtec, a 30-year-old manufacturer of blenders. The Utah-based company achieved viral video fame with a clever online spot in which founder Tom Dickson showcased the power of his blenders by pureeing an iPhone.”


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