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Thanks to John Furrier for this Flashback:

We read all the time about the €œcharity that is provided by celebrities. After seeing this video, I wanted to know the economic / financial value of Band Aid’s efforts. It’s actually a reasonable amount of money that was funded by the efforts of a few that has channeled a consistent flow of help to those less fortunate.

Here’s what I learned:

Between 1999 and YE 2006, THE BAND AID CHARITABLE TRUST has received revenues of £24,656,052 (~US$49,626,000) and had expenditures of £15,787,830 (~US$$31,779,000).

Sir Bob Geldof (most of us probably know him for his role in Pink Floyd The Wall movie), head of the Trust, signed his name to the 2006 audit report that shows:

2006 spending on grants totaling £4,999,391 (2005 -£8,797,811). The activities to be funded by Band Aid grants fall into four main categories: Food Security and Livelihood Projects (£900,000); Health Improvement: (£670,000); Education and Assistance for Children; Water and Sanitation: (£2,800,000); Fundraising activities. They also reported holding an emergency fund of £5 million in reserve€ for natural disaster or humanitarian crisis in or around Ethiopia.

Info from Charity Commission.


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