Meet-Up / Podcasting for PodTech and Rocky Mountain Voices

Lots going on. Hard to blog.

First, I’m working with Cydni Tetro, Kip Meacham, and Tim Kapp on a podcasting gig, Rocky Mountain Voices. Not a job, but an adventure! We have been out recording people — I’ve recorded Andrew Hartsfield from WiLife, Lee Gibbons from Podango, John Furrier from Our goal is to foster the community with more visibility using the power of social media like Podcasting, blogging, and video blogs.

We hosted a Meet-Up Party to launch our affiliate relationship with John Furrier’s PodTech Network. We held the Meet-Up in the lobby of the building where vSpring Capital / Wasatch Partners / and CenterShift are located. It was cool. We ended up with about 115 people attending. Sponsors included Yahoo, NextPage, vSpring, Wasatch Venture Fund, Printsmart, MediaRain, Omniture, Card Access. Food and drink by Loco Lizard. Music by Mike Masse. Lots of pictures of the event are on my Flickr account.

Finally, I worked out and announced a transition plan from Agilix by the end of the year. I’m looking forward to using more of my marketing, business development, partnering, and creative skills in a new gig.

John Furrier and Team Rocky Mountain Voices
L to R: Paul Sherer, John Furrier, Cydni Tetro,
Kip Meacham, Brad Baldwin (me), Tim Kapp

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One Response to “Meet-Up / Podcasting for PodTech and Rocky Mountain Voices”

  1. Kip Meacham on October 11th, 2006 12:33 pm

    Way to pick the least flattering picture of me…

    Congrats, Brad!