Rick Alden of @skullcandy is Entrepreneur of the Year.

Congrats to Rick Alden, CEO at Skullcandy, for winning the Entrepreneur Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year award. I must admit I love the Skullcandy story, but I think the story you shared about inventing the strapless snowboard binding is better! Pumping your college money into the promos that ended up causing the worn fingers that […]

Trek Boys

When I was younger, I went on a pioneer trek experience as part of a 24th of July celebration. It was a life memory. When the boys had the opportunity to do the same, I was excited for them. Here is a shot of the boys at the end of the event.

Congratulations to my Friends at SCPR

One year anniversary party. Congratulations to Cheryl and the entire team.

Marketers Host Geek Show…

Maybe Niroshan Ramachandran who worked on the Human Genome project and is now leading the charge on Proteomics…. Happy to share the marketing stage w/ Bruce or Cyd any day, of course I’m the only one geeky enough to have a blog (that’s also setup on my own domain…with a self install of WordPress)…. 😉 While I’m at it, if the geeks are looking to bring other marketing experts to town, I’d also love to hear from Al Ries or Laura his daughter (my favorite book on marketing is still “Positioning”).

YOU-ser Generated Content

I think back on how my use of computers has changed. My computer used to open with a flashing cursor. I had to insert disks to load programs just to “begin” to create something — mostly word processed documents or spreadsheets. Now I turn on my computer to connect to the web. To read or experience what others are creating. If the web isn’t there, my computer is less valuable to me.

Meet-Up / Podcasting for PodTech and Rocky Mountain Voices

We have been out recording people — I’ve recorded Andrew Hartsfield from WiLife, Lee Gibbons from Podango, John Furrier from PodTech.net. Our goal is to foster the community with more visibility using the power of social media like Podcasting, blogging, and video blogs.

The Dash Movie

I recently learned that a 45 year old friend passed away from a massive heart attack…. Take a minute and put life in perspective as you watch this.

Matt Keller, the best Real Estate Agent in Scottsdale (IMHO)

If you’re looking for a new home or you are relocating to the North Scottdale area, you’ve got to contact Matt at Keller Willliams High Desert Reality. He’s the best of the best! Matt sold two homes for me. If I return to Scottsdale, he’ll be the man who gets my business. Three things that […]