Marketers Host Geek Show…

Loved Chris Knudsen’s blog post today. Funny. Linus would be high on the list. But I’m also pretty tight with some bioscientist’s and feel “software” engineers are a bit “overated”. Maybe Niroshan Ramachandran who worked on the Human Genome project and is now leading the charge on Proteomics. He’d show these geeks some really amazing stuff about delving into DNA to find cures to cancer.

Happy to work with w/ Bruce or Cyd to pull off a geek event any day. Of course I’m the only one geeky enough to have a blog (that’s also setup on my own domain…with a self install of WordPress).

Cheers. Here’s to all the geeks that helped bring Godin to SLC! 😉

P.S. While I’m at it, if the geeks are looking to bring other marketing experts to town, I’d love to hear from Al Ries or Laura his daughter (my favorite book on marketing is still “Positioning“). He used to visit us at SalesLogix every year for a “review and tune-up” on our marketing strategy. It was like being in the room with the marketing god.


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