Twitter vs. Blogging

I’ve been sucked into the black hole of Twitter. Because Twitter is so convenient and easy to communicate on, I’ve slacked here. I’ll be back to blogging.

Twitter is still interesting to me, but there is so much self promotion and people trying to figure out how to use the medium that it’s getting tiring. I do like keeping touch on people and their efforts. Personally, I need to use the medium to get more information back rather than shouting out.

Recent Videos and Marketing Power
I’m really happy that the video I produced for‘s launch of the Interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorial has been well received. Footnote used the video to attract attention with “old media” newspaper and television companies. It was cool to see my video I created being used inside a news piece on MSNBC.


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  1. Robert Merrill on April 10th, 2008 10:09 am

    140 characters sounds limiting, but then it becomes hard to write MORE than that. Like here for example.I still have 5 characters left.