Rick Alden of @skullcandy is Entrepreneur of the Year.

Congrats to Rick Alden, CEO at Skullcandy, for winning the Entrepreneur Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year award. I must admit I love the Skullcandy story, but I think the story you shared about inventing the strapless snowboard binding is better! Pumping your college money into the promos that ended up causing the worn fingers that […]

Twitter vs. Blogging

I’ve been sucked into the black hole of Twitter. Because Twitter is so convenient and easy to communicate on, I’ve slacked here. I’ll be back to blogging. Twitter is still interesting to me, but there is so much self promotion and people trying to figure out how to use the medium that it’s getting tiring. […]

Automattic’s Matt Mullenweg on Funding and Futures

Your browser does not support JavaScript. This media can be viewed at http://www.podtech.net/home/4899/automattics-mullenweg-on-funding-and-futures I was able to meet Matt Mullenweg, the founder of Automattic and the person behind, WordPress, the same software you are using right now on House of Baldwin.com. Matt is a great guy. He has a lot going for him. And at […]

Bluehouse Skis Vidcast

Today’s skis are a blend of high-tech construction and art. So to hear that Bluehouse Skis had implemented a ski core based on bamboo seemed a bit “old-fashioned” to say the least.Adam Hepworth and Jared Richards determined their dream job would be to build and run a ski company…. This is is all by design since bamboo used in our cores not only gives extra pop but allows the skis to take on many of the same stiffness and durability qualities of carbon fiber at a fraction of the cost…. Bluehouse Skis are ideal for the A/T skier, a park crew taking it to the backcountry, or a novice skier who is looking for an exclusive ski to flaunt on the mountain.Marketing and sales are online through the Bluehouse web site.

TaylorMade Golf’s Product & Brand Man, Sean Toulon

Working with tour players like Sergio Garcia, Retief Goosen, Darren Clark, John Daly, Paula Creamer, and on and on. Working with an engineering team that pushes the limits of aerospace materials and design strategies to create 460cc marvels of art and function. As Sean said, “golfers are a pretty passionate group.”I learned that Sean was the guy behind the product, business, and marketing plans to create and launch the R7 driver. As he said in the podcast, he arrived at a European tour event on a Monday night with drivers in hand for testing.

Abby Vacuums Up Honeycomb

Large box of Honeycomb = $3.79. Watching Abby clean up her mess = Priceless

45 Minutes with Robert Scoble — Advice for News Publishers

Robert Scoble, one of the most recognized voices on social media, shares his opinions on how traditional newspapers, like the Mercury News, and news outlets, CNN and BBC, must change to absorb the new “on-the-street” journalist. These new field correspondents can leverage their own blog, Flickr, YouTube, or yet-to-be-invented social media solutions to provide real-time […]

Interviews from the Utah Technology Council’s Hall of Fame Award Ceremony

I mingled and mixed in with the techie crowd at the Utah Technology Council’s (UTC) 2006 Hall of Fame Awards event for Rocky Mountain Voices. Of course we had our mics rolling. Hear the interviews with Eric Smith (Control4), Bruce Law (Sprout Marketing), Roland Whatcott (Symantec), Senator Orin Hatch (US Senator from Utah), Coleman Barney and Willy Donahue (Cogito), Paul Ahlstrom (vSpring Capital), James Divver and Thomas Lund (Zions Bank), Mike Levinthal (Independent Venture Capitalist), Congressman Chris Cannon (Congressman), Senator Bob Bennett (Senator), John Valentine (President of the Utah Senate), Richard Nelson (President, Utah Technology Council), Clay Olsen (Timeline Films), Ken Knapton (ContentWatch)

Interview with InsideUtah.com

As you may be aware, I’m one of the Rocky Mountain Voices podcasters. You can find all those podcasts over at the Rocky Mountain Voices site. Jennifer Napier-Pearce interviewed Tim Kapp, Kip Meacham, Cydni Tetro, and good’ole me for her Inside Utah Issue #62, Friday, 10/27/2006. You can check it out on her site or […]

Ray Noorda podcast posted to the homepage of PodTech.net

After lots of work, Kip Meacham, Cyd Tetro, and I worked into the night to weave together 6 interviews into a 16 minute Ray Noorda Tribute Podcast.The podcast was posted to the homepage of PodTech.net…. Check out the article here on PodTech’s web site.Special thanks to Ty Mattingly, Ron Heinz, Darl McBride, David Bradford, Drew Major, and Ransom Love for taking the time to share their personal experience working with a legend.

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