Bluehouse Skis Vidcast

This is one of my recent favorite vidcasts. This story features 3 young men working hard to launch a new ski company.

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Bluehouse Skis with Bamboo Core

Today’s skis are a blend of high-tech construction and art. So to hear that Bluehouse Skis had implemented a ski core based on bamboo seemed a bit “old-fashioned” to say the least.

Adam Hepworth and Jared Richards determined their dream job would be to build and run a ski company. So the former college roomates, designed the new skis and incorporated bamboo inside. This is is all by design since bamboo used in our cores not only gives extra pop but allows the skis to take on many of the same stiffness and durability qualities of carbon fiber at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, the bamboo was lighter weight and gives backcountry skiers a wide ski for extreme powder but shaves off a pound and a half off their load. Bluehouse Skis are ideal for the A/T skier, a park crew taking it to the backcountry, or a novice skier who is looking for an exclusive ski to flaunt on the mountain.

Marketing and sales are online through the Bluehouse web site. The team is active with their blog and has already incorporated community feedback in their latest skis.

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