Apple’s Boot Camp was exciting news. I’ve watched with interest the efforts of the best programmers/hackers getting Windows on the new Intel-based iMacs and MacBook Pro.

I wrote about this earlier, but as a new Mac user, I’m not sure that being able to boot Windows would be a big incentive for me personally. However, if a corporate IT person allows more Apple machines in the organization because of this, then it’s a good thing. I think that this is a trojan horse strategy for getting more adoption.

Marc Orchant, who I’ve spoken with a number of times with his Tablet PC and Getting Things Done experience, was able to get Vista installer to boot on the MacBook — follow to see the pictures.

Vista on a MacBook Pro by ZDNet‘s Marc Orchant — In the “Just Because We Can” Department: we decided to see if we could boot the latest Vista installer on a Bootcamp-equipped Macbook Pro.

Since Boot Camp was released by Apple, it’s more than a “minor” thing. In fact, the market reacted favorably to this with a 10% increase in stock value. Just imagine what will happen to the market valuation¬† of Apple when a 90-day trial of OS X boots on a Dell laptop. Millions of would be techies will download the “Boot Camp MacTel” enabler, enjoy the amazing user experience of configuring OS X, and immediately get creative with the out-of-the box simplicity and power of iLife. And a bonus will be how nice it will be to connect their iPod with iTunes on it’s “home” turf.


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