First there was Palm. Now there is RIM.

I'm watching history repeat itself over and over again in the Mobile space. Unlike other markets, the mobile space is moving much more quickly. So the history lessons come faster.

First there was Palm. Remember all the miracles that were going to happen with Palm? A new OS is coming? A new magical hardware device is coming? Well now they are part of HP–and will likely be swallowed into some business unit that will be forced to reduce costs and therefore headcount.

Now there is RIM. Again, a miracle OS. Magical devices that will incorporate touch (Storm flop). Now new hardware with keyboard for the old timers and touch for newbies (Torch). Soon the market valuation will fall to a point where they are painless acquisition–by a company like HP that will try to figure out how to resuscitate an elephant with a weak heart (tech core) and poor circulation (distribution partners who are running away from devices with no consumer demand).

Google has such an amazing opportunity with Android. Let's hope that the carriers don't kill it before it has a chance to fly.

Goldman Sachs Calls RIM's (RIMM) BlackBerry Torch Launch “Underwhelming”  —  Goldman Sachs commented on Research In Motion Ltd. (Nasdaq: RIMM) following the August 12th launch of the new BlackBerry Torch.  They firm called the launch “underwhelming.”

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