Ahhh. So that’s where Huntington Creek is at…

All these years and I finally found  where the "blue ribbon" fly fishing was that everyone had been talking about all these years.

The fish in the picture had three flies in his jaw:  mine (red humpy), a copper bead-head pheasant tail nymph, and some attractor elk hair caddis bug. Took seven cutthroat trout in the same short 100 yard stretch.

And a closing note that the it was so much more fun to use my Sage SLT that was back from repair than the "less expensive" 2nd string rod.  It was also my first use of the Sharkskin line from Scientific Anglers. Amazing line. Just heaven to cast and mend–takes only a fraction of the effort of other lines. Truly a pleasure to fish the Sage with this line.

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