Jobs changed the entire argument with nineteen words


Have you read Scott Adams, the guy behind Dilbert, and his response to how Steve Jobs handled the iPhone 4 Antennagate? Interesting read.

Adams said Jobs’ move was a PR skill called “Higher Ground.” This allows Jobs to move the problem beyond the iPhone 4–and even beyond Apple. And while you can imagine a cartoon picking on how you hold the phone–with the nerds in the Dilbert comic pouring on the sarcasm, Adams thinks it would be hard to pick on just Apple now that Jobs has shown the world it’s a bigger problem than with just the iPhone 4.   

“If Jobs had not changed the context from the iPhone 4 in particular to all smartphones in general, I could make you a hilarious comic strip about a product so poorly made that it won’t work if it comes in contact with a human hand. But as soon as the context is changed to “all smartphones have problems,” the humor opportunity is gone. Nothing kills humor like a general and boring truth.”

The full post is on the Scott Adams blog at


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