Next 90 days of SmartPhone sales: 52% iPhone

Remember the Palm Treo? It was hot stuff in it’s day. Where is it now? In the draw with all those old devices that you keep around just because you loved them in their time.
This ChangeWave Research survey must have RIM’s management and the board of directors pacing the floor and running scared for next quarter’s earnings report. This chart takes me back a few years to when BlackBerry broke out with devices that converged voice and email. People were dumping Treos for BlackBerries. RIMs advantage was devices on multiple carrier networks. Now 7 quarters (that’s 21 months / 84 weeks) of declining satisfaction exacerbated by new buyers turning their nose up at BlackBerries in exchange for iPhones or Android.
Now everyone is tossing out their BlackBerries for iPhones. And unfortunately for RIM, many of these users are in corporate America. iPhone is merging voice (or is that dropping), email, data, browsing, and mass customization through apps or games for every occasion and every user.
And while my Android friends will flame me, the device manufactures just can’t deliver an industrial design to match Apple. Android OS is better than any of the handsets it runs on–HTC isn’t doing anything special. And even though the world-wide adoption shows a world of opportunity, it reminds me of every Dell computer I’ve used: functional but boring.
The next 90 days for (h)Palm…yikes. And where’s Nokia / Symbian?

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