Top market for Tablet PCs — Education

Well, we guessed right in the fall of 2003 on which market would embrace the Tablet PC: Education.

Indeed, education “is our biggest [tablet] segment,” said Chad McDonald, director of notebook product marketing. “We expect that to continue to expand. We expect big things from this product both in education and in consumer retail.”

Education is a nice fit since students use highlighters and add notes. Just need to get those books in digital format.

The total market size for Tablet PCs is still a tiny niche with an expected 4 or 5 million total unit shipments by 2009, down from a far more aggressive 14 million units expected (and this has been ratcheted down each year since the launch in the fall 2002). YE2003 Tablet sales were estimated at 1 million.

Dell’s considering Tablets in 2007. Now that Tablet features are being positioned as “included” in the Vista OS, it might be possible to get demand and volume to a level to support Dell.


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