more proof of a business build around open-source technology

Many of us have played with Wikis. If we haven’t played with one directly, then we’ve likely used one at

After reading the news today about, I think we’re seeing the real productization of technology developed in the open source community that will strike out at collaboration and content management systems like Microsoft Sharepoint. As I’ve read, sales of Sharepoint Servers and VARs servicing Sharepoint installations inside the corporate space is a burgeoning business. True there are integration points with Outlook and other Office integration that are nice, but certainly these are add-ons to the core offering of content and collaboration.

As I look at the education space with their course and learning management systems, the Wiki solution provides 80 percent of the needs for content delivery and inches into collaborative solutions. Wikis miss on assessments. But the average teacher looking to deliver a syllabus, due dates, readings, etc. can use a wiki to get things up and running quickly.

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