Competition Poll in BusinessWeek

With all there is to read, I’ve found Podcasts as a great way to keep in touch with publications that I just love, that I’ve subscribed to, and then let the magazines pile up on a table because “someday” I want to read them.

One of the podcasts I subscribe to is BusinessWeek’s cover story. It’s a great Podcast that adds a personal dimension to the writer and the thoughts that went into the final published story. This week, BusinessWeek delivers a great issue with a collection of articles on competition. It’s a must read.

I loved “The Poll,” a 22-question survey checking the competitive pulse of 2500 US managers. I really like this question:

Which of the following things have you done?

• 28% yelled at a referee or umpire at a child’s game.
• 27% had thrown something at the TV while watching sports
• 7% had yelled at a child’s coach.

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