Wall Street Journal article promotes government-funded health solution

Wow. I have a hard time believing that the WSJ covered this story. However, if you want to read one doctor’s opinion of fixing healthcare cost and overhead, check out the article in The Wall Street Journal, Government-Funded Care Is the Best Health Solution.

If you’re like me, sick of changing healthcare plans and providers every 12 months, you may be looking for a solution to healthcare too. After leaving a company that had to shut it’s doors from a lack of revenue/funding, and then spending about 6 months with only high-deductable, short-term health insurance plan for my family. I then faced the challenge of moving from this “emergency only” insurance to a standard provider. I then learned that any issue that my family members had during this short period now became pre-existing conditions and not covered by my new insurance provider.

Healthcare is crazy in the USA. I’m watching the Healthcare Reform Initatives in Massachusetts with interest. More importantly, I’m wondering who will stand up to the health insurance companies. They’ve pocketed so much money from almost all of us.

As Benjamin Brewer writes in The Journal, we’ve got to find a way to remove the layers of overhead in the health insurance system so that we get the value for our expenses.


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