WSJ article on Facebook value and potential sale

Looks like Facebook has 100 employess. Bigger than I thought, but still a very small group for a $750M+ acquisition target.

Today’s Wall Street Journal reports that Accel, the VC that placed ~$13M in Facebok thinks there’s “the potential to be worth more than $2 billion, based on economic fundamentals and the value of its audience.” And why shouldn’t he? Accel’s gonna take a truckload of money back to the fund with any acquisition.

MySpace’s new boss Ross Levinsohn also offered his own perspective on Facebook: “certainly we’re not paying $2 billion for Facebook. That makes no sense for us.”

The buzz is a sure sign of something going down. I’d expect to see something happen soon. I wonder if the Facebook will continue to be seen as “underground and private” if a big player comes in and drops a load of cash and leverages the property for a return on its investment?


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