Moment of silence for service men/women in Iraq

The invasion was fast and destructive. We flexed our muscle and showed the bully-like strength of a superpower. Now, three years later, we resort to defending ourselves from homemade bombs on the streets as strangers in a strange land.

I love America. I’m grateful to our service men and women and the great honor they bring to those of us who rely on them to preserve our way of life and freedom. I pray for the men and women in Iraq and other parts of the world every day and indulge God’s protection to preserve you while you serve me.

Despite mine and the prayers of thousands of others like me, we’ve still lost 2,302 service men and women to the war in Iraq. It’s certain that we’ll lose more. May this war end soon. May we save our sons and daughters for the many life experiences outside the toil of war. President Bush, please don’t let pride get in the way of reason.

The Wall Street Journal offers a great visual to remind us all of those who have lost life while serving.

Death toll by State

Death toll by Age

Death toll by Military Branch

Death toll by County


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