Medical technology…wow!

Today Amy had Lasek surgery. She was scheduled to have this new procedure that uses a laser to cut the flap prior to the laser correction. However, she learned that her cornea is too thin — whatever that means — for the intended procedure.

Amy was there, was ready for the process, and didn’t want to leave without “fixing” her eyes so she’d be freed of glasses forever. So she asked about her options.

The doctors at Hoopes Aldridge Institute have 5 lasers on location. They have the latest and greatest training. They offered her the same procedure that they offer military personnel: Lasek.

Lasek or PRT is the “old” way of doing the procedure. It’s a bit more intrusive as the doctor “rakes” the eye with a little tool that looks like an ultra small garden hoe. The tissue is torn back a little at a time until a flap is opened up for the procedure.

Amy Lasek

I work with technology every day. Gadgets and computers are really cool. I understand them and can appreciate all the various systems and subparts that go into each device and software program that drives the device. However, I was amazed at the Lasek and other eye procedures that were visible from the comfort of the waiting room on large flat-panel monitors. I watched as my wife had her vision corrected in less than 20 minutes.

It was an amazing technological advancement. Practically healing the blind to see in an in-and-out procedure.


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