Taking the kids to the Apple store

As a follow-up to my earlier post about my visit to the Apple store in the Gateway in Salt Lake City, I decided to take my entire family in for a visit. It was a fun time for all. Amy was off looking at iPod add-ons (and purchased a cool kit w/ hookups for car, home stereo, charger, etc.). I was drolling over the MacBook Pro — I also added my name to the list to contact me when the 2.0 GHz model arrives in the store. My oldest son Dallen was playing with the video editing features w/ iSight while Bridget laughed at the funny poses. Jed was all over, but mostly in the iPod area checking all out the nano versus the video versus the shuffle.

I thought Dallen’s closing comments about the store captured it well: “that place is totally awesome.”


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