Social Media / Marketing in 2006 Elections

In their 2006 election coverage, National Public Radio (NPR) interviewed Joe Trippi, 2004’s campaign manager for Howard Dean and the author of The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Democracy, the Internet, and the Overthrow of Everything.Trippi highlights how social media technology introduced in the past two (2) years is changing the relationship with voters (or in marketing lingo: prospects and customers). I found his example of the Nixon and Kennedy debate very telling.The example: Radio listeners thought that Nixon was the clear winner of the debate because of Nixon’s handling of the questions.Television watchers, a new medium, clearly placed the win on Kennedy due to his youthful face and clean-shaven , prepped-for-viewers look.It reminded me of the “marketers” quest for sick web sites, colorful paper collateral with killer logos, and ad copy with the catchiest of phrases or images to attract attention.Today, the he new medium of social media with pages on Facebook and MySpace, podcasts, and the journalistic efforts of millions of opinionated bloggers can add new voices to the traditional “polished” face being presented by media, marketing, and political consultants.Businesses need to thing outside the box of traditional marketing and promotional options.

Presidential misSpeak

From my George Bush quote of the day calendar:”Lukas is from the Czech Republic…. BushMay 19, 2004Referring to Lukas Dora of the University of Denver Men’s Hockey Team, winners of the NCAA national title.

Republicans wake up. Bush has puppeteered you long enough!

18, 2006Public support for Republicans’ control of Congress has eroded to its lowest point since the party took over 12 years ago, a new WSJ/NBC News poll finds, as scandals have taken a toll. With just 19 days until the midterm elections, both President Bush and his party are in worse shape with voters than Democrats were in the October before they lost their House and Senate majorities in 1994.

Another Presidential MisSpeak

Presidential MisSpeak “I love to get out amongst the people and talk about big issues.” Louisville, Kentucky March 10, 2005