Bring on the snow

I’m officially ready for the snow.

The weather has been so great that I’ve been struggling to work inside all day. I’ve watched so many beautiful days from my desk that I worried I wouldn’t be able to transition to winter. That all changed today. On the golf course.

I went to Thanksgiving Point thinking I would play there. After waiting for an hour and not getting on, I decided to got to So. Mountain, my new favorite, but eat-my-lunch golf course. I checked in and was sent straight to the tee to meet with the Kim two-some. There I realized the day was going to be LONG.

The preshot routines included 5-6 swings, each with a big divot. Then there was the putting “practice swings.” we spend the day searching for golf balls The pace of play was so long it turned into a 5:45 round.

Needless to say, I knew it would be a patience test.

I failed. I tried to last. But as you can see from my card, I made it through the front nine but lost it on the back.

I’m so burned out of golf right now that I say let it snow.



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