Interesting Positioning: Squishy Balls

Amy saw this vending machine for toys at the movie theater Saturday night. Had to get a shot with my phone’s camera.

More Web Video, Less TV

Reported in AdAge:Almost 29% of the 12- to 64-year-old population report that the PC is competing with the TV for their entertainment time.More than 22% of 18- to 24-year-olds say they are watching less TV since they started using social-networking sites.

Buying Radiohead vs. Van Halen’s Record Label

Radiohead allowed me to pay them, not the record company, producers, channel distribution, and retailer…. The music industry and all artists in other industries have the opportunity to leverage the web for one-to-one marketing and sales…. They cite an example from Magnatune, where people are willing to pay more because they know the money will go to the band.

In Rainbows: Great new addition to the Radiohead family

I noticed the digital download is missing cover art. A blank black square on my iPod will NOT do. Did a search and found Hicksdesign (guys who created the Firefox application logo) has started a little design effort and others are pitching in their creative effort. Some good placeholders to choose from while we wait for the final.

Familiar with Wikipedia Edit Process?

I gotta get this changed. If anyone reading this has been through the process on Wikipedia, I’d love any insight in how I can change this entry: have been swimming with me know that I don’t have a smooth chest. This is not me.

Yankees Out …

It looks like I’ve got to find a new MLB team to cheer for through the test of the post season. My Yankees went down tonight to the Cleveland Indians. Maybe the Diamondbacks, an old favorite from my days in Scottsdale.

Bluehouse Skis Vidcast

Today’s skis are a blend of high-tech construction and art. So to hear that Bluehouse Skis had implemented a ski core based on bamboo seemed a bit “old-fashioned” to say the least.Adam Hepworth and Jared Richards determined their dream job would be to build and run a ski company…. This is is all by design since bamboo used in our cores not only gives extra pop but allows the skis to take on many of the same stiffness and durability qualities of carbon fiber at a fraction of the cost…. Bluehouse Skis are ideal for the A/T skier, a park crew taking it to the backcountry, or a novice skier who is looking for an exclusive ski to flaunt on the mountain.Marketing and sales are online through the Bluehouse web site.

Two days until In Rainbows

Can hardly wait. Looking forward to Thom Yorke and the boys’ latest efforts. After seeing all the extra goodies you get in the discbox set, I broke down and spent the £40.00 ($81.00 US).

WiFi Detector Geek Shirt

I wonder how often you could get this shirt to light up here in Utah? WiFi Detector Shirt from Product Features Glowing animated shirt dynamically displays the current wi-fi signal strength. Shows signal strength for 802.11b or 802.11g Black 100% Cotton T-Shirt Animated Decal is Removable (with hook and loop fasteners) for Easy Washing […]

Nineteen Years…Wow, That was Fast!

Today marks 19 years of marriage with my great wife. For most, it would be hard to imagine putting up with me for 19 years…. Amazing cleaner and home maker (sorry to have to admit this Amy).

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