iPhone Confession: I took it back

Sorry to admit it, but I caved and bought an iPhone. Took it home Thursday afternoon. Had it configured and up and running by 8:00PM. I used it Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

What did I like:
– thought the WiFi was awesome…miss that from the Nokia E61 I used for a short time.
– some web-based iPhone apps like the one for Facebook, iPhoneMiles
– media and music support
– Apple-centric sync — worked flawlessly for me

Mixed emotions:
– keyboard / touchscreen…I can go either way as I got used to it pretty quickly

What I missed:
– copy and paste (simple example: my wife texts me asking for a mobile number of friend — I had to write the number down on paper first before I could send it on)
– shortcuts and streamlined steps to data and email applications
– device optimized browser rendering — wasn’t sold on the “cool” pinching
– SureType adding a period and many auto correct typing features
– one-handed operation — felt like I had to use two hands to work the keyboard quickly
– overall faster speed of applications

I took the phone back, paid a $60 restocking fee, and quickly went back to the comfort of my BlackBerry Pearl. I love the navigation speed, SureType correction, texting, address book, calendar, and email push functionality on my Pearl. The size and light weight of the Pearl still makes it a winner. At least for me.