Comfort with Windows and HP over Apple OS X and MacBook

True confession: I’m feeling a few pain points with my Mac. Like almost all my tech choices, there are hardware and software issue. In this case, most are dumb hardware issues.

Like where is the right click on the trackpad? I’m going to have to relearn every application I use. Of course I can click and hold, but I’m trained on the right click. I make my wife turn the lights on and off so I can watch the illuminated keyboard turn on. I hope that eases the pain.

Generally I like the software since most can be used to accomplish the same result. But the implementation of the “Mac-like” features are going to take time. Using Excel was like arriving on a different planet where the city streets were all laid out like here on Earth, but everyone was driving backwards on the wrong side of the street. Sure your skills learned on Earth can transfer, you just have to get used to doing things a different way. Taking fun pictures with the built-in iSight camera using Photo Booth and laughing at the outcome takes a little of the edge off.

Buyers remorse? Not yet. Just a test of my ability to quickly adapt :-).


One Response to “Comfort with Windows and HP over Apple OS X and MacBook”

  1. Amy on March 24th, 2006 3:19 pm

    It may take time, but it’s like riding a bike. Before you know it, you get turned around when you log onto a Windows machine…